10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Deer Hunters

December 13, 2017 | by Michael Turbyfill

Whether you’re shopping on a budget or looking looking to splurge on something fancy, we’re here to help you hook up a deer hunter in your life with something special for Christmas. Here’s 10 ideas that range from simple and functional to cool and creative. We’ve organized them (in general) from the least expensive to the most expensive.

Bass Pro Shops Gift Card | $10+

You’ll never disappoint a deer hunter with the ultimate stocking stuffer - a Bass Pro Shops gift card. You can find a physical gift card in almost any gas station, grocery store or on Amazon so you shouldn’t have to go far. Or order an eGift Card here.

Hawk Hookster 360 | $10

The Hawk Hookster 360 might be the handiest $10 tool in the hunting world. It’s basically a bow/gun/gear hanger that’s built super strong (holds 40 pounds!) and twist ties on just about anything - tree limbs, the frame of a blind, the rails on a stand and more. It packs small, weighs next-to-nothing and rotates quietly 360 degrees. People use the term “must-have” loosely, but once you’ve carried this to the field, must-have is exactly what it becomes. 

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener | $29

Every deer hunter needs a sharp knife to get the meat from field to table. This handy sharpener from Work Sharp is perfect to take along in your pack, keep in your vehicle or even in a drawer in the kitchen. It’s unique design guides your blade at the perfect angle to take all the guesswork out of sharpening. Check out the stellar ratings and buy it here on Amazon for quick delivery. 

Conservation Group Membership | $25 and Up

For dads or moms who want to help ensure the future of deer for their children to enjoy, nothing beats a membership to one or more of the top deer conservation groups in the country. For about the price of a box of ammo, you get six issues of Quality Whitetails, MDF or Whitetails Unlimited Magazine plus a variety of other gear and membership benefits. Most importantly, your dollars go to fund all kinds of mission work that benefit whitetails and mule deer. Sign up for memberships with Mule Deer Foundation, Whitetails Unlimited and/or Quality Deer Management Association by clicking the links.

G5 Outdoors Broadheads | Price: $50

Broadheads are like ammo, a deer hunter can always use more. The Havoc and Deadmeat expandable broadheads from G5 Outdoors are innovative designs with rave reviews from bowhunters all over North America. We do not advise stuffing them in a stocking though as the blades are razor sharp.  

Alps Outdoorz Covert X Pack | $90

The Covert X pack from Alps Outdoorz is the most heavy-duty waist pack...maybe ever. It’s built like a tank and offers relief from the bulk of a larger backpack. If you know a deer hunter who has long walks to the stand or uses “hang-n-hunt” as a strategy, this is the pack for him or her. One of the coolest features is the built-in hand-warmer compartment.

Wildlife Art by Ryan Kirby | Framed prints start at $140

You want to put a beaming smile on a deer hunter’s face? Watch him or her unwrap a piece of fine art by renowned wildlife artist Ryan Kirby. There’s a 25% off sale on all prints running on his website until Dec. 17, which is also the last day to order to ensure delivery by Christmas. 

Bushnell Trophy Cam | $319

The 14 MP Trophy Cam HD Aggressor from Bushnell features wireless connectivity to send photos straight to your device from the woods. No deer hunter can have too many trail cameras and with wireless cameras being still relatively new, it’s likely this will be something new to add to his or her arsenal. Buy it here on Amazon - it’s Prime eligible.  

Savage Model 11 DOA Hunter | $684

“I’m really disappointed with the new rifle I got for Christmas…” said no deer hunter...ever. The Model 11 DOA Hunter from Savage comes with a Bushnell Trophy scope so it’s ready to go out of the box. It’s built in a variety of calibers including 2017’s hottest cartridge, 6.5 Creedmor. 

Outfitted Deer Hunt | $1,500 and up

If this is an extra-special Christmas and you’re looking to splurge for a deer hunter in your life, consider a destination hunting getaway. If you’re shopping for an east coast bowhunter, consider a spot-n-stalk western mule deer hunt for something different. If you’re from up north, a trip to a 5-star lodge in Texas would be a nice change of pace. Guidefitter.com is an awesome online database for finding the right outfitter and planning the trip.