Action Alert: South Carolina H. 3800 - Apprentice Hunting Licenses

September 15, 2020 | by National Deer Alliance

The South Carolina Senate Fish, Game and Forestry Committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, September 16, to discuss a bill that amends the requirements to obtain an apprentice hunting license in South Carolina. The bill, H. 3800, amends section 50-9-250 to allow for the waiver of the certificate of completion requirement for up to three years and to allow for a person to receive this waiver up to three times.

An apprentice hunting license may be obtained in South Carolina if the applicant:

  • is at least sixteen years of age and otherwise required to obtain a certificate of completion to obtain a hunting license;
  • has not been convicted of or received deferred adjudication for violation of the hunter education requirement in this State; and
  • has not been convicted of a hunting violation.

H. 3800 would allow an applicant who meets these requirements to obtain an apprentice hunting license up to three times without successfully completing a hunter education course. The bill also allows a nonresident who meets the qualifications as an apprentice hunter to purchase a three-day temporary hunting license for $50.

The National Deer Alliance (NDA) and Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) outline new hunter recruitment as a primary focus area, and QDMA’s Field to Fork program has been wildly successful at creating new hunters. South Carolina H. 3800 makes hunting more accessible to those who want to learn to hunt by lowering the barrier to entry. While hunter education is incredibly important, those with an apprentice license must be under the supervision of a hunter who is at least 21 years old and who is not licensed as an apprentice hunter. H. 3800 allows new hunters to learn from those with more experience for a longer period before having to meet hunter education requirements. Reducing the barrier to entry for new hunters is critical for recruiting new hunters to our ranks.

Join NDA and QDMA in supporting South Carolina H. 3800. Visit NDA’s Grassroot Advocacy Center, where you can directly connect with your state lawmakers to state your support for H. 3800.