Maine Fails to Advance Sunday Hunting Bills

April 18, 2017 | by National Deer Alliance

Last week, the Maine Legislative Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife voted “ought not to pass” on all bills that would have given sportsmen in the state more time in the field. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) wrote in their Government Relations newsletter that “Unfortunately, the committee seems determined to support an antiquated state blue law, even as we are seeing progress around the country in state such as Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware and West Virginia.”

NSSF reports on a fact sheet titled Restrictions on Sunday Hunting Fast Facts that if the 10 states that have bans or restrictions on Sunday hunting would lift them, it would mean the creation of 27,000 jobs paying over $730 million in wages, and contributing about $2.2 billion in additional economic activity. A 2011 report indicated that Maine alone could create 1,877 jobs and a total economic output of $133,683,092. In addition to the impact on the economy, not allowing hunting on Sundays makes it even more difficult for busy families to go afield, which is one of the many factors that lead to the loss of hunters.

“There is no defensible reason for continuing to restrict or ban the ability of sportsmen to hunt on Sundays,” said NDA president and CEO, Nick Pinizzotto. “While we should respect the personal beliefs of those who don’t believe they should hunt on Sundays, the beliefs of those who chose to pursue game on Sunday should be equally respected. It’s a personal choice that people should be allowed to make for themselves.”

The National Deer Alliance supports Sunday hunting and is actively working with many partners to eliminate restrictions in the 10 states that still have them.