NDA Members Enjoy a Variety of Hobbies Outside of Hunting

July 6, 2020 | by National Deer Alliance

In a recent edition of our On Watch Newsletter, we asked National Deer Alliance (NDA) members how they’re spending their summers. We wanted to know what hobbies NDA members enjoy outside of hunting and how they enjoy spending the summer months. Here’s what they had to say.

Just about 80% of members said that they consider hunting to be their primary hobby or passion. Many respondents noted, however, that they have other hobbies and passions that are a close second. Other respondents said that their primary hobbies change with the changing seasons. Still, its obvious that many NDA members have hunting on the brain year-round. “It's a 365-day commitment. Year after year,” said Stephen from Maryland.

“This would be a yes and no answer,” Dave from South Carolina responded. “I’m always thinking about it, but there are other things in life besides just hunting.”

For NDA members, one of these ‘other things’ is fishing. In fact, over 71% of members said that they like to go fishing to keep busy during the summer months. Other hobbies that keep members busy during the summer include family time (60%), gardening (44%), travelling (42%) and hiking (35%). Other popular hobbies are golf and riding motorcycles and ATVs

But, NDA members are deer hunters at heart, and eventually, they make the switch to 'hunting mode', or their focus switches to hunting as their primary hobby or passion. Most members (46%) said they’re always in ‘hunting mode,’ while 37% make the switch when fall roles around. For some, it’s a combination: “I'm preparing and researching all year long, but I don't begin shooting or setting cameras until Late August,” said Dan from Massachusetts.

Tyler from Ohio echoed that thought: “I am always in hunting mode - I just work equally on other hobbies and passions as well.”

For others, finding a balance between hunting and other hobbies is a challenge.

“I’m always in hunting mode, which can be a burden sometimes because it makes me too narrow-minded.  All my other hobbies and how I choose to spend my time always take a backseat to anything hunting related,” said Sean from New York. “I can't ever get my mind off of it.  It actually would be nice at times to completely forget about it for a month or two to make time for other things.”

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