NDA Opposes Pennsylvania House Bill 1483: Supports North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

November 1, 2017 | by National Deer Alliance

The National Deer Alliance (NDA) supports the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, which mandates that wildlife be managed within the public trust and that wildlife policy be created through a public process where all relevant stakeholders have the opportunity and responsibility to develop systems of wildlife conservation and use. We also believe that wildlife should be managed by qualified professionals within the designated federal and state wildlife management agencies.

Pennsylvania HB 1483, as introduced by Representative David M. Maloney, attempts to not only deviate from the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, but also put deer management into the hands of a few special interest groups in the process. These groups would also control the development of deer and habitat management plans without any oversight from the citizens of the Commonwealth.

This bill would compromise the successful and proven North American Model of Wildlife Conservation by placing deer management into politically appointed “advisory groups.” It also proposes the implementation of a poor and impractical method of management called maximum sustained yield. This method is not based on sound science and ignores the importance of managing varying habitat types uniquely, managing for wildlife other than deer, or other human-deer interactions not related to hunting.

Further, implementation of this amendment would constitute an improper diversion of hunting and furtaking license dollars, and would consequently preclude the Commonwealth from accessing its share of millions of dollars in Pittman and Robertson Act funding. Loss of those dollars by the Pennsylvania Game Commission would cripple the agency and all but eliminate its ability to manage all of the Commonwealth’s wildlife.

“State wildlife management agencies like the Pennsylvania Game Commission exist for the purpose of managing wildlife and habitat resources as the common property of all of its citizens. This includes the management of North America’s most popular game species, white-tailed deer,” said Nick Pinizzotto, NDA President and CEO. “Deer management should never fall victim to misguided politics and emotions, or fall into the hands of special interest groups.”

Join the NDA in opposition of H.B. 1483; visit the NDA Grassroots Advocacy Center, where you can place your vote of opposition on the bill and directly email your state lawmakers. With just a few clicks of your mouse, your voice will be heard.