NDA Says Goodbye to One Team Member, Welcomes Aboard Another

May 22, 2020 | by National Deer Alliance

The National Deer Alliance (NDA) is saying goodbye to one team member and welcoming aboard another. Dan Amore has generously volunteered his time over the last two years as a multimedia and social media specialist for NDA. Amore played an important role with executing NDA’s digital media outreach mission. His duties as a father and education administrator have required full attention, and he has graciously passed the torch to a new volunteer.

“One of my greatest joys in life has been sharing my passion for deer and the outdoors with my three-year-old daughter, which is something I hope she and my soon-to-be-born son will always have the opportunity to do,” Amore said. “As deer hunters, we often assume that the lifestyle and creatures that we love will always be there, but we are sadly mistaken. It could all be gone in the blink of an eye, which is why the work of organizations like NDA is so critical. Thank you to NDA for serving as the guardian for deer and deer hunting and for allowing me to give back in some small way.”

Jonas Holderman will take on the role of digital media specialist. He will participate in content production for all of NDA’s digital platforms, and will play an important role in ensuring that NDA’s mission reaches as many people as possible through its social media outlets.

Holderman grew up in central Pennsylvania – the perfect playground for anyone who enjoys spending time outside. There, he developed his passion for hunting, fishing and the outdoors. “I’ve always had an interest in the outdoors since I was young. I would be down at the creek almost every day, as a kid, catching minnows, crayfish and salamanders,” Holderman said. “These past few years, I feel as if I have grown fonder of the time I spend outdoors. My three-year-old daughter is showing an interest in the outdoors, as well, and it’s exciting to share those experiences with her.”

“I’m very fortunate to be a part of NDA and what it stands for,” said Holderman. Regarding chronic wasting disease (CWD), a topic at the forefront of NDA’s work, Holderman said, “CWD is a very serious topic, and I think NDA does great work informing all outdoorsmen about the disease and what we can all do better to help the slow the spread.”

“We are grateful to our volunteers that help NDA achieve it’s mission. Dan did a great job, is a talented writer, and became a friend to all of us,” said NDA president and CEO, Nick Pinizzotto. “Jonas shares that passion and has already proven to be dedicated and enthusiastic in his new role. We’re looking forward to his contributions to our team.”