Pennsylvania Sunday Hunting Moves Closer to Reality – Take Action Now

February 6, 2019 | by National Deer Alliance

Support for Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania has never been stronger, the opportunity to make it a reality has never been stronger. Pennsylvania hunters need to contact their Senators immediately and ask them to support Senate Bill 147, which will allow the Game Commission the authority to permit hunting on Sundays in the Commonwealth. The Pennsylvania Senate Game & Fisheries Committee approved Senate Bill 147 by a vote of 8-3, which will empower the Pennsylvania Game Commission to regulate Sunday hunting. The details of the vote were confirmed by Senator James R. Brewster's office. Brewster acts as the minority chair for the Game & Fisheries Committee. Senator Dan Laughlin, R-Erie, is the committee chairman and prime sponsor of the bill.

Pennsylvania is one of just three states remaining in the country that has nearly a total ban on hunting on Sundays. Based on a study commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the allowance of hunting on Sundays would generate nearly $1 billion per year to Pennsylvania’s economy. Beyond the financial windfall, hunters in the Commonwealth will be given additional opportunities to pursue game on the weekend, which is critical at a time when other demands are pulling people away from the sport.

In addition to asking your Senator to support SB 147, also request that the bill not be weakened by its opponents to only allow hunting on three Sundays per year. This move would make no sense in terms of sound wildlife management and would only serve the political interests of some.

“We applaud the Pennsylvania Senate Game and Fisheries Committee for voting in favor of this common-sense legislation. The prohibition of Sunday hunting has been in effect for far too long, and this is the type of bold leadership it will take to correct that,” said NDA President and CEO, Nick Pinizzotto. “As a Pennsylvania native and current resident, I know my friends and family look forward to the additional opportunities that Sunday hunting will provide us, and other sportsmen across the state.”

SB 147 will now be introduced to the floor of the state Senate where it will be voted on. If approved there, it will go to the state House of Representatives. If it makes it through the House in its original form, it will go to Gov. Tom Wolf’s desk for final approval. You can take action now by using our Grassroots Advocacy Center to contact your Senator.