Survey: Deer Hunters not Fooled by Anti-Hunting Groups’ Propaganda

February 13, 2018 | by National Deer Alliance

Almost 85% of respondents to last week’s NDA survey indicated that they believe groups like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), PETA, Center for Biological Diversity, and Defenders of Wildlife, to name a few, pose a significant threat to deer hunting. One person isn’t very optimistic about the future of deer hunting as he stated, “I expect to see more and more local and state laws enacted every year until the sport no longer exists.” Another person pointed out that extreme animal rights groups have a long agenda. “They gain a foothold with their supporters by showing that they care about animals. Once they establish that base, their followers will listen to anything they have to say about anti-hunting.” Several people commented that the best way to stop these groups is to band together as a hunting community, and set aside our differences on the issues that really don’t matter.

Luckily, better than 90% indicated that they have never made a financial contribution to one or more anti-hunting organizations, believing that they were actually helping abandoned or sheltered pets needing adoption, or threatened or endangered species. Several cautioned that it’s always a wise idea to thoroughly research an organization before supporting them. “I have critical thinking skills and I endeavor to find the true agenda of an organization before they get any of my money, short or long term,” said one respondent. A few people mentioned being duped in the past, but then immediately stopped giving once they learned of the true agenda. As one person put it, “In the past I believed they had a different agenda than what they do, but thankfully I finally found out and diverted my charitable giving elsewhere.”

Luckily, very few of the nearly 1,100 people who responded to the survey indicated that they purposely gave to an anti-hunting organization. Most who did felt that they were duped by deceitful solicitations as one respondent indicated, “Most of these groups practice deceitful methods of distributing information. They prey on the nature of honest and goodhearted souls. These practices should put them under federal investigation at the least and disbanded.”