Under Attack! NDA Members Reveal their Harrowing Tales

September 3, 2018 | by National Deer Alliance

Wild hogs, alligators, badgers, wild dogs, and even flying squirrels are just some of the animals NDA members reported being attacked by while hunting! More than half of those who responded to our survey indicated that they were either attacked, or had a near miss with an angry critter, and we picked a few of our favorite stories to share with you.

I was hunting Coastal Brown Bears in Prince William Sound Alaska. My guide and I located a giant brown bear in a salmon stream and we initiated a stalk. The brush was so thick and we were so focused on the large boar in the water that we never noticed the giant brown bear we walked right by. As we were just getting ready to take the boar in the stream, we both heard an animal running through the brush behind us. We turned to see a giant brown bear at full charge. This bear was charging at us from about 20 yards!

I immediately raised my .338 ultra mag and put my first round in the bear’s chest, just under the chin. He continued to charge. I put the second round in nearly the same spot, but the charge continued. I had one round left, so I chambered it and held the gun at my waist and pointed at the bear and waited for the impact. As the bear got to mere feet away, I let my last round fly and luckily it struck him above his left eye and it dropped him immediately. It happened so fast that my guide was unable to get one shot off from his 30-06. I was standing in his way and by the time he got around to my side where he could shoot, the bear was dead. Both of us were pretty shaken up, but it was an experience I will never forget.

I attached a picture of me with the bear. If you look close at the picture you can see the bullet hole above his left eye (right side in the picture). The shot ruined the bear’s skull, but I didn’t really care at that point!

Fred from New York

It was my very first time hunting in a tree-stand. Just as dusk came, I saw a circular, white face floating by me. At first I thought maybe it was some kind of light being shined my way, but then I saw it a second time. On the third encounter this white face was coming straight at me and startled me quite a bit. Then I felt a gush of wind and saw an owl coming directly towards my face. I dropped to me knees to avoid it hitting me, while I was 15 feet up in the air. It then kept on diving at me for the next couple of minutes. At this point I knew I was being attacked by an owl, so I had my arrow in one hand and as it dove towards me I would thrust my arrow forward. Each time I did this, it flew away. It never did actually make contact with me, but wow did it get my heart racing. When I had a couple minutes of not seeing it, I quickly descended and left as fast as I could.

Mike from Michigan

I used raccoon urine as a cover scent...ONCE!  Just before sunrise, I had three curious raccoons trying to join me in my stand. I was tied in securely by my harness so there was no way for me to evacuate. I removed an arrow from my quiver and used it to fight them off. They were angry, but I finally convinced them to move along. I never used urine again!

Kelli from Kansas

I had my head turned and the hawk must have thought my ear was a mouse in the tree.  He almost knocked me out of the stand.  After trying to rip my ear off with his talons he perched and watched me.  He was as confused as I was.

Jim from Illinois

A friend had wounded a wild boar. We were on our hands and knees looking for blood. We spent about 30 minutes in one area, which was under a large tree. We heard something crashing down from the tree. A mountain lion jumped to the ground and ran off. It had been watching us the entire time!

Robert from California

I was bow hunting wild hogs on the west end of the Everglades in SW Florida when I had a 10-11' gator sneak up behind me. If it hadn't stepped on a branch I might not have heard him until he had me for supper.

Dominic from Florida

While deer hunting in Maine, I was sitting on a rock, rifle leaning against the tree next to me, and two moose approached from brush at about 40 yards. It was a cow and a yearling bull. I pulled camera from my pocket for a photo and when I looked up the cow was charging me! I jumped to a tree to my left while throwing my arms up high and yelling loudly. She came within 10 feet.

Robert from Maine

I had a herd of cattle chase me until I jumped the fence. That turned my 500 yard walk back to the truck into a mile and a half walk in the dark. The herd escorted me all the way around back to my truck.

Malachi from Kentucky