A Five Year Run of the NDA On Watch Newsletter Comes to an End

September 22, 2020 | by Nick Pinizzotto

When I stepped into the role of president and CEO at National Deer Alliance in 2015, there were a lot of uncertainties. The organization was brand-new, and although we had a solid plan on paper, there was no way of knowing how it would play out in practice. While there have been a few twists and turns, and even a few tense and uncertain times along the way, we built a solid and effective organization that served the policy needs of deer, hunters, and the hunting industry admirably. Despite our success, there was always the desire to do more, and when the opportunity to join forces with QDMA arose, it simply made sense to take advantage of it.

Over the last five years, we would consistently get messages from our members about how much they liked our NDA On Watch newsletter. I wish I would have kept track, but I’m willing to bet that we averaged at least one message or compliment per week. Just last week I was on a call with an outdoor writer from Wisconsin who complimented the newsletter and said he relied on it heavily for the latest deer news. He also echoed what we’ve heard from countless people about our surveys by saying how much he enjoys them. That conversation gave me the opportunity to tell him that the NDA and QDMA newsletters are about to become one and invite him to subscribe.

Through my last President’s Blog article, I’m inviting all of you to subscribe to our joint newsletter, which will be our only newsletter starting in October. Next Wednesday’s issue will be the last for NDA On Watch. If you’re not already, I also invite you to become a member of QDMA. When you join QDMA, you will automatically become a member of our joint organization, which will be named very soon.

Thank you for being an NDA On Watch subscriber and for your support of NDA over the last five years. While this may feel like the end of the road for NDA, it’s just the beginning of our ability to do even more for deer and hunters, and we can’t do it without you. The first thing I’m asking you to do to help us is easy – please subscribe to our new joint newsletter today.