Top 10 Tree Stand Snacks During Deer Season

November 13, 2017 | by Michael Turbyfill

Waiting on a big buck takes patience, persistence and most importantly - good eats. There’s nothing worse than being hungry in a tree stand with nothing to curb the craving that’s eating a hole in your belly. Here are 10 snacks that you can find at almost any store or create in any deer camp kitchen.

10 - Cold Cuts Sandwich

The positive is that a sammich is filling and packed with protein and carbs. The negatives are that condiments like mustard or mayo can have an odor and make a mess. So consume with caution.

9 - Trail Mix

You can buy it packaged at almost any gas station or you can pack your own with the ingredients you want. It’s tasty savory and it’s tasty sweet. It doesn’t leave a mess and it packs down tightly in your gear. This is a tree stand staple.

8 - Granola Bar

Like trail mix, granola bars are packed with multiple ingredients that make them tasty and loaded with carbs to replace those calories you’re burning to stay warm. My personal favorite brand is Clif Bar and I’ll be life changed forever when I found their Peanut Butter, Banana and Dark Chocolate bar - it’s amazing. TIP: Granola bar packaging is loud and crinkly, unwrap your bars at home and put them in a thin sandwich bag - it’s much quieter. 

7 -  Popcorn

I like popcorn purely as an alternative to chips to go with a sandwich or PB&J. Chips are too crunchy and messy. Popcorn is a healthier alternative too. My favorite is the Black Pepper Flavored Heavenly Light Popcorn that you can buy at any CVS Pharmacy. The packaging is noisy so I pack up my popcorn in lighter plastic sandwich baggies.

6 - Jerky

If you’re looking for pure meaty protein in packable form that still tastes good when cold, it’s hard to beat jerky. My favorite kind of jerky is made by a company called Krave - you can check out all their creative flavors here. My favorite is Black Cherry Barbecue.

5 -  Cold Pizza

Is there any better hot food served cold than pizza? Nope. So one evening when you get out of the stand, swing into camp with a couple hot pizza pies and when you and your camp crew have had your fill, pack up the extras in thin tupperware for the next day. When you bite into thick cheese crust, pepperoni and sausage at mid-day during an all-day rut sit, the afternoon will fly by...because you’ll be asleep. DISCLAIMER: Remember to pack toilet paper proportionally to pizza grease. Greasy pizza will require more toilet paper and probably more trips up and down your tree stand ladder.

4 - Fruit

Apples, bananas and grapes specifically make good snacks because they’re easy to pack, don’t make a mess and don’t have an unnatural odor to the woods compared to say an orange that you’d peel and eat. You know you probably need more fruit in your diet anyhow and with the appetite you’ll work up in the treestand, you’ll have no trouble sinking your teeth into one of these choices.

3 - Soup

Nothing warms you up on a frosty, all-day rut hunt like hot soup. And with premium drinkware like YETI’s 18 oz. Rambler Bottle, you can pack up piping hot soup at 5 a.m. and it’ll still be steamin’ at high noon. I’m a venison chili man myself, but I’m sure some of you are on the chicken noodle and vegetable bandwagon and they’ll eat good too. The downside to soup is that it takes two hands and you can’t just drop it in a pinch if a big buck comes by you on your lunch break.

2 - Cookies

It’s tough to beat homemade cookies but who has time for baking in deer camp? For those of you with a sweet tooth (you can thank me later), Wow Baking Company makes the best store-bought cookies I’ve ever had. These cookies are unbelievably moist, chewy and packed with sweetness. You can find them in major grocery store chains, Target, in airports or buy them online. The Lemon Burst recipe is my favorite, but after looking at their website as I wrote this article, I’m definitely going to try Ginger Molasses.  

1 - Peanut Butter & Jelly

I’m going to just go ahead and say it. I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich better than you. I’m talkin’ a pound of peanut butter on moist sandwich bread smothered in enough blackberry jelly that I need a new jar for the next one. I love a PB&J because it tastes great, fills you up, it’s easy on the wallet and most importantly, it’s quick-to-make on your way out the door to go hunt. It’s the #1 tree stand snack for all those reasons and because it’s my favorite and this is my list.

About the author:

Guest blogger Michael Turbyfill lives in Boone, North Carolina and is a National Deer Alliance member. He produces content for the NDA's social media and marketing efforts.