About NDA

NDA’s Initiative

The mission of the National Deer Alliance (NDA) is to serve as the guardian of wild deer conservation (white-tailed deer, mule deer, black-tailed deer, coues deer, and Key deer), and our hunting heritage. Formally incorporated in May 2015, the NDA is driven to assemble and unite a diverse group of stakeholders that includes hunters, managers, and the hunting industry to help create positive outcomes for deer and deer hunting.

NDA's Priorities

  • Wild deer conservation
  • Diseases
  • Hunter access
  • Marketing, communications, and growth
  • Predators and competitors
  • State and federal land management

NDA Leaders

The NDA strong board of directors is made up of individuals representing all aspects of the deer hunting and outdoors landscape representing organizations and groups, such as the Mule Deer Foundation, Quality Deer Management Association, Whitetails Unlimited, Archery Trade Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Wildlife Management Institute, Vista Outdoor, and Bass Pro Shops.

Board of Directors

  • Nick Pinizzotto, President and CEO – National Deer Alliance
  • Jay McAninch (Vice Chairman), Inaugural Chairman, Archery Trade Association, Retired
  • Brian Murphy (Vice Chairman), CEO – Quality Deer Management Association
  • Sam Burgeson, President - Wildlife Research Center
  • Chris Dolnack (Vice Chairman), Senior V.P. and Chief Marketing Officer –National Shooting Sports Foundation
  • Dan Forster, (Vice Chairman), V.P. and Chief Conservation Officer, Archery Trade Association
  • Whit Fosburgh, President and CEO – Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
  • David Guynn, Professor Emeritus – Clemson University
  • Glenn Johnson - General Manager, Recreation Management - Weyerhaeuser
  • Rob Keck, Director of Conservation – Bass Pro Shops
  • Miles Moretti (Chairman), President and CEO – Mule Deer Foundation
  • Ron Regan, Executive Director – Association for Fish and Wildlife Agencies
  • Phil Robinson, President and CEO - Arcus Hunting
  • Jeff Schinkten, President – Whitetails Unlimited
  • Krysten Schuler, Wildlife Disease Ecologist, Cornell University
  • Steve Williams (Vice Chairman), President – Wildlife Management Institute