NDA’s Proud Supporters

National Deer Alliance (NDA) would be unable to make an impact without the support of its members and sponsors. Thank you to everyone who contributes their voice, resources, and time to continue NDA’s efforts to serve as the guardian of wild deer conservation and our hunting heritage.

Proud Sponsors of the NDA






Proud Supporters of the NDA

Melissa Bachman

Host of Winchester Deadly Passion
NDA is our national deer organization that looks out for deer hunters across the entire country. As an avid lifelong deer hunter, the decision to join was an easy one for me and I hope you will too.

Jason Matzinger

Host of Into High Country
As a western hunter, I know the problems deer are facing in this part of the country. I’m glad the NDA has the backs of deer and hunters, and that’s why I joined.

Dr. Grant Woods

Deer and the deer hunting heritage are facing some sizable challenges. It's essential that we, as hunters, have easy access to accurate information and unite to form a large voice to protect this resource. Please join me and become a member of the NDA and together we can protect deer and the deer hunting heritage!

Michael Hunsucker

As deer hunters and land managers we want to do everything within our power to improve the quality of life for deer nation-wide. Those efforts require individual participation, however, when widely practiced can have a huge impact on habitat and heard health of deer. NDA and it’s partners help to spread that message, create awareness and encourage participation all with one common goal of making this world a better place for deer and deer hunters.

Cy “The Gruntman” Weichert

Co-Founder of ScoutLookweather.com
Our heritage includes these precious Novembers, when guttural grunting voices of rutting bucks define the passion, tradition, family bonds and great American values in our lives. NDA is the force that will preserve the future of one of the most precious resources amidst the blowing winds of change. How can I not be all in with their mission?

Don Pollauf

Host – Bowhunting Addiction TV
As a diehard deer hunter since a young age, we need groups like National Deer Alliance to preserve our future in deer hunting. The next generations need what we have sustained into the future.

Tom Miranda

Adventure Bowhunter & Outdoor TV Pioneer
Whitetails have adapted and flourished from the boreal forests of the northeastern states, to the deep south, the western plains, the desert southwest and as far north as British Columbia, in large part to the efforts of hunters and the support we give. In their existence our adrenaline rushes will always live, and I support the NDA to help give back to the whitetails to help drive the future of their existence for all of us.

Richard Childress

Chairman and CEO, Richard Childress Racing
I have long been a huge supporter of the outdoors and conserving our great hunting lands. As much as my friends, family and I hunt and fish, we want to make sure future generations can do the same thing and enjoy what we have for years. I stand with the National Deer Alliance in its efforts to conserve our hunting lands and the sport of deer hunting.

Bob Foulkrod

Fred Bear said, ‘If you’re not working to protect hunting then you’re working to destroy it.’ I joined the NDA to protect hunting. Now it’s your turn.

Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo

Don & Kandi Kisky

Andy Morgan

Jim Kinsey

Jana Waller

Shawn Luchtel

Donnie Vincent

Gary Levox

Dan Henderson

Chuck Wicks

Chris Young

Bill Jordan

Will Primos

Stan Potts

Roland Martin

Larry Weishuhn

Kevin VanDam

Jimmy Houston

Hank Parker

Eddie Salter

David Blanton

Craig Morgan

Cuz Strickland

Lee Lakosky

Tiffany Lakosky

TY Dillon

Tony Stewart

NDA is the guardian of wild deer conservation and our hunting heritage. Learn more about our initiatives and get on board like these supporters and join for free.