Survey: Subscribers Reveal their Summer Scouting and Holiday Partying Strategies

July 11, 2018 | by National Deer Alliance

In our past two newsletter surveys, we asked subscribers about their summer scouting strategies.  75% of members reported using trail cameras to scout during the summer months, but we wanted to zero in on exactly how those were being utilized. 

Last week, we specifically asked subscribers if they use mineral blocks, food, or other attractants to draw deer in front of their cameras.  Just over half of respondents (52.8%) said “yes,” many of whom cited using mineral and salt licks, including one who added that “They are like magnets this time of year.”  Many who said no, mentioned that it is illegal in their state due to baiting restrictions and CWD concerns.  Alternative camera locations mentioned by other respondents included near food plots, pinch points, transition areas, old scrape sites, water sources, and existing fruit trees.  It is clear that respondents are creative in adapting to their individual circumstances to capture those coveted velvet pictures.

Moving on to another scouting method, we asked subscribers, “Have you ever seen a buck on private property during the summer months, that you didn't previously have access to, that led you to seek permission to hunt the property where you saw the deer?” A significant majority of respondents (78%) have not asked for permission after seeing a buck on private property.  Asking for permission to hunt private property can be next to impossible in some areas, however, many of us could definitely use a confidence boost and some new strategies.  For some great tips on gaining access to private hunting property, check out NDA supporter, The Nine Finger Chronicles’ podcast, Episode 401. You can also check out a written summary of the strategies at the Wired to Hunt blog.

Finally, we asked members about their plans for the Independence Day holiday week.  Our respondents clearly have their priorities straight because more than half spent their holiday throwing back a few cold ones and grillin’ up some venison.  Many mentioned it was just “too dang hot” to do any pre-season prep work, while others were earning some all-important brownie points working on their honey-do lists.  If there was somehow a “correct” answer to this question, one of our respondents hit the nail on the head by writing, “Giving thanks to God for our beautiful country.”  Many of us take “our beautiful country” for granted far too often, but Independence Day is a great reminder of all that we are blessed with, the majestic wildlife that occupies it, and the freedom we have to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle we couldn’t live without.